How TikTok Can Help Restaurant Marketing?

How TikTok Can Help Restaurant Marketing?

With 1 Billion active users per month, TikTok is growing at a quick pace to become the most popular social platform. Despite most users being millennials, engagement and brand awareness are key factors why businesses are starting to advertise more on TikTok. What are the opportunities for Restaurants?

According to TikTok for Business Case, businesses need authentic and stylish videos. The videos should be in line with the trendy content of the platform, all fulfilling the brand’s campaign budget in the most efficient way possible. Impressive videos can have more views, coupled with clicks showing that the TikTok people community had a strong interest in the content. The CPM (Cost Per Thousand) will be efficient, driving thousands of users to the landing page.

Why TikTok?

As social platforms grow at a faster pace and there is a huge opportunity for businesses to exploit the success and advertise. The app is presently available in over 150 countries and can be accessed in 75 languages, which means there is an opportunity to make people recognize your brand. With 90% of TikTok customers going on the app at various times of the day and most users spending an hour or more scrolling, engagement is high. There is always a chance of going viral from zero followers to thousands, even millions of short-term.

Small businesses are trying to attract more customers with giveaways through TikTok. They are engaging in a unique ‘duet’ giveaway strategy to create user-generated content, followers, and revenue. A duet strategy consists of followers combining the business video with their own, showcasing your products, and followers getting free products. It’s a shared benefit. The business will expand its reach and show off its astounding products and followers to win rewards.

TikTok Demographics

TikTok is an incredible medium to reach millennials: Students are at the start of their careers. As Restaurants are currently extremely short on operational staff, it is vital to continue to reach out to the younger audience.

Even though most of the users are younger than 30, the numbers of the older generation users are going up.

Activity of Restaurants

Restaurants are presently not exceptionally dynamic on the social platform yet, as there are relatively high costs involved with marketing on TikTok. With chances of going viral and reaching thousands or even millions of supporters, it is interesting for Restaurants to start conceptualizing promoting on the popular platform. Unlike on Instagram, Restaurants not having TikTok accounts have a relatively low volume of followers. Subsequently, there is an opportunity for businesses to acquire more followers and use the uprising platform to start promoting and showing their unique upselling points to raise awareness.

What Restaurants Could Do on TikTok

Videos with outstanding selling points, behind the scenes, or with extraordinary rooms in the Restaurant have a high chance of getting picked by TikTok users.

Restaurants also make videos trying to find new employees while simultaneously creating interest for the Restaurant. It could be interesting for other Restaurants, with the popularity of employees.

Best Practices

  • It is best to keep the video short and flashy.
  • Use humour and be creative in your writing.
  • Make the video aesthetically pleasing.
  • Leverage the algorithm to reach consumers who have a background in liking videos on travel, Restaurants, etc.
  • Include any breathtaking views from the rooftop, balcony, or pool. Show the USP. Behind-the-scenes footage or consolidated videos of signature dishes that travellers can expect from the Restaurant.
  • Work with local brands that can create an alternate angle.
  • Influencers: If you offer them a free stay for a couple of evenings at your property, chances are they will make a TikTok about it.
  • Engage with your audience
  • Organize a Take-Over by a client
  • Create a Video to engage potential staff.

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